The Chandler Project joins global genes rare-x program

the chandler project

Through advocacy, The Chandler Project brings awareness and shines a light on transformative research surrounding the most common form of skeletal dysplasia (dwarfism), achondroplasia, and other skeletal dysplasias by offering support to a global community and network of patients, parents, and caregivers seeking information on scientific discoveries, pharmaceutical advancements and surgical treatment options for those affected.

TCP is passionate about bringing you science from the source and believes that anyone seeking information on pharmaceutical research & developments and surgical advancements (limb lengthening) should have easy access to science directly from the source.

latest pharmaceutical news for achondroplasia

drug may reduce sudden infant death syndrome in children with achondroplasia

treating achondroplasia & more

the following companies have or are developing pipelines for achondroplasia + other skeletal dysplasias & growth disorders
Biomarin, Qed Therapeutics, Ascendis Pharma, and Tyra Biosciences have sponsored and/or supported events and projects for the chandler project