The Chandler Project

As our first project, we are currently working on a weekend event dedicated to learning about new research and surgical options for achondroplasia. Our goal is to then turn this into a bigger event where new research and medical advancements are presented for other forms of skeletal dysplasias, including achondroplasia, as well as (or and) congenital limb differences.

For this first achondroplasia focused event, we are looking at Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore, Maryland

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The Chandler Project (TCP) provides those affected with achondroplasia, and other forms of skeletal dysplasia (dwarfism), with the latest in pharmaceutical research and surgical advancements. Since 2019, TCP has hosted the only conference in North America that brings together individuals and their families, physicians, researchers, biotech industries and more together at the annual Achondroplasia Research Conference.

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