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The Perfect Date: National DNA Day

The perfect date: April 25th…because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket…Oh! And it’s also #NationalDNADay!

National DNA Day is a global movement to mobilize, energize and empower communities, educators and students to innovate, collaborate and discover the promise of our shared humanity and connection to the natural world.

This is exactly what the Achondroplasia Research Conference (ARC) stands for. The ARC brings together a community collaborating to understand the new innovations surrounding FGFR3 related skeletal dysplasias.

FGFR3, which stands for fibroblast growth receptor 3, is the gene that turns cartilage into bone. Due to a change (genetic mutation) in this gene, cartilage forms bone too quickly, before enough time to achieve sufficient growth, resulting in the diagnosis of achondroplasia. When you attend the ARC you’ll have the opportunity to learn about innovations, collaborations, and advancements surrounding achondroplasia and other forms of dwarfism and skeletal dysplasia directly from the researchers and physicians themselves. Register today!